Bad vision Debut LP is out on the 8th of November and they’re launching it on the same day at the Old Bar with Digger and The pussycats and Kids of Zoo. You can pre order here – the limited edition is on pink Wax and looks awesome, we only have 40 copies, so first arrived first served! Heres’ the link to the event:

The 2nd LP of The Spinning Rooms is out now! We’re still waiting for the LP’s and they should be here within days. Thanks heaps for everyone who pre ordered, it’s much much appreciated and helps us heaps. Make sure you check out the band’s page for dates.

Batpiss “Nuclear winter” 2nd pressing is on the way and should arrive within the next few weeks – it comes on nice and shinny yellow wax.

We’ll see you at the pub! (4/11/2013)

It’s been an insane month – Batpiss “Nuclear Winter” is out in just a week, the limited edition is SOLD OUT and you can order LP and CD via the store or by directly clicking here. We’re super excited about the launch on the 18th of May at The Tote with a killer lineup:


See you at the tote next week! (Billy – 10/05/2013)

Wow! It’s been for ever! Melbourne is still 36 fuckin degrees and for all of us looking forward to drinking dark ale around the fire place, listening to The Night Marchers, hang in  there, we can’t be that far away from it!
A bunch has happened the last couple of month, we’re now a team of 2, which is a massive relief as running Every night… takes a bit of time and we want to do it well! We’re about to release the debut LP of our good pals from Batpiss, the launch is booked for the 18th of May in Melbourne, at The Tote. You can pre order the limited Vinyl Edition here.

We’re thrilled and pumped about having these guys on board with us and it’s a KILLER album.

More to come!

Cheers – Billy (March 23, 2013)

Alright. We’re finally back! We won’t get into the details telling what has happened over the last couple of years, let’s just say that everything has a right time and a right place. The right time is now, the right place is Melbourne. We’ve recently organised our mate Mark Sultan’s Australian tour with a couple of friends and have released an awesome 7″ for the occasion (check out the red version here and the green version here). Of course, the press plant fucked it up and were late to deliver so we only received it for the last 2 shows in Melbourne. It’s time to get to the shop page and buy a copy before it’s gone.

Talking about the shop page, you’ll find our releases as well as other Melbourne bands that we dig quite a lot. There’s only a few records at the moment, but let’s see how that goes.

That’s the news for now, I’m glad this website is finally up and I hope it’s working well. If it’s not and you bump onto a bug, you know what they say, if you see something, say something.

We have a few releases in the pipeline so I’d say you should signup for our newsletter in the box below. You won’t receive crap from us, you’ll pretty much only be notified when we have new releases, or cool stuff in the shop.


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